Online Publishing

Now authors can have their works available online around the world through POD services. No longer is a run of 3000 books necessary to establish inventory before working on promotion.

As book sales grow, so does the back end fulfilment model. Start by selling 1 book and work up to dozens, hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands.


Book Publishing Service Oakville

Book Publishing by Webmad

book publishing and promotion services for Toronto and Oakville OntarioWith the importance of internet marketing and social media growing, new authors are finding it difficult to get their written works promoted in the marketplace.

WebMAD Marketing and Design combines internet marketing and promotional services to help book authors and other publishers reach their audience directly.

A traditional book deal may involve years of preparation and planning in order to get the book onto bookstore shelves. With Webmad's book publishing and promotion service, we help authors become visible to generate sales online.

mobile marketing Toronto Ontario Oaville mobile optimizationWe promote hard cover, paperback and ebooks online to increase author visibility and help establish new authors.

Unlike many book publishers, webmad combines the expertise of online marketing and sales conversion with the print on demand services to bring an author's book to market sooner and with more success.

Authors establish their own websites and can also fulfill orders from there such as Justin James of Oakville, Ontario with his new teen fiction book release called The Conquest of Night.


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