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Oakville Website Design colorsWhich types of sites can Webmad help you with?

Let's look at some of the different web design types:

Affiliate Website

This type of site acts as a portal to the existing merchant sites with the goal being the generation of commissions through the promotion of affiliate offers.

Blog Site

Blogs are a great way to establish a following and your expertise. Call us to find out the best way to implement blogging with your website.

Brand Building Site

Visitors can experience the brand through text, images, multimedia and receive the latest news and updates. A strictly brand building site does not sell any tangible goods but exists to draw attention to and strengthen a brand. Some sites can be purposed on a hybrid of these sites where it could be for example part brand building and part lead generation.

Corporate Website - Business and Service Website

One of your company's greatest assets is your company website. It is also your calling card and 24/7 online brand building, marketing and promotion machine.
Content, Functionality, Readability, Branding PLUS actually being found when people search for information about your product or service online makes a valuable Business or Service website.

Content Site

This type of website allows for the creation and distribution of original content such as

ecommerceE-Commerce Site - Shopping Online

A shopping cart outfitted internet commerce site that allows for the direct purchase of goods or services online.


Ecommerce Websites sell local, national or internationally.



Forum and Communication Site

This type of interactive site allows for companies to receive feedback both positive and negative from their customer base. Increasingly online engagement and brand management are critical to internet success.

Geographical Site

Whether to promote a local community or an entire city or state, a geographically themed website relies on updated information to remain relevant to their visitors. One example in Oakville, Ontario Canada is the community site.

News Site

A news site is dependant on up to the minute updates of current news both locally, nationally and internationally.This type of site usually incorporates a data feed.

Personal Homepage

Any individual, small group or family can have their own personal homepage. We can help setup a single account or an entire Social Media integrated network. Promoting your own personal brand is becoming increasingly important as the internet becomes more transparent. Facebook is spearheading the personal branding page along with business pages.

Political Site

A political site offers political commentary and opinion with a venue for dialog and communication.


Rating Site

A rating site allows visitors to rate products and experiences. The aggregate vote allows for a fairly objective viewpoint of the product or service being rated.


Review Site

A review site takes a certain product or surface under the microscope and reviews the product or service for others. The opinion that is generated also comes from viewers that comment on or leave their own opinions.


School Site

A school site can be a collaborative collection information that allows schools to function smoothly. Schedules, pictures and events are updated frequently. Administrators, teachers and students can organize their information and keep parents and students informed.


Social Networking Site

The interactive web experience allows for the interchanging of ideas, text, pictures, videos and other content where users can communicate with each other. Facebook anyone?

Video Sharing Site

There are many such sites that allow for video collaboration and communication. Commenting on the videos is also usually allowed.



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Examples of Site Types

Social Media:
Facebook, MySpace LinkedIn, Twitter...

Video Sharing:
Youtube, Daily Motion, Veoh, Google Video...

News Sites:
Google News, CNN, Yahoo News, CNBC...

Blog Sites:
Wordpress, Blogger....

Geographical Sites:,





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