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The web has come a long way since the beginning of the internet. Even so, the web is still a child and growing at an expanding and rapid pace. Yesterday's web design methods are no longer relevant to an increasingly complex and social web.

Web designer Burlington Oakville Ontario Canada2010 will be a transformative year increasing accountability, establishing more effective communication with customers and an increasing trend toward transparency. Faces are being associated with businesses and people are connecting with like-minded individuals across the globe.

Opportunities exist for both small and large players as the internet has levelled the playing field. From songwriters, actors and performers, the entire music, film and television industries and from small businesses to multimillion dollar corporations, all roads meet on the Web.

There has never been a better opportunity for small to medium businesses to reach people locally, nationally and globally. At a relatively low cost, small businesses can go head to head with large corporations. Smaller businesses are often more nimble and quick to action, giving them an advantage on the ever changing world wide web.

 When designing a website:

* Give your site a clear purpose

* Plan for the long term

* Intuitive and user-friendly navigation

* Professional web copywriting

* Search engine optimized text

* Image optimization and fast page load times

* Site Maintenance including link checks and content updates

History of the Internet

Back in 1957 the Internet was born. It has come a very long way and the technology and sophistication is increasing every year.

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"Word of Mouse"


  • Web. 3.0

    The internet is constantly evolving and how people use the internet to search out businesses and services is intertwining social recommendation, review and referral with company and service information.

    It started with a simple web and has evolved to complex interconnections of networked computers all across the globe. Through Web 2.0 and social media with the next dawning of the web on the horizon to Web 3.0,. Facebook is spearheading the new movement along with Google Buzz.

    Most product and service research is now conducted online and the trend continues to grow.

  • Many reporters and news agencies write their stories from PR that is published by businesses online.

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